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JoyDivision AQUAglide lubricating gel, made in Germany and repeatedly voted best European lubricant. Water-based formula with an optimal pH for mucous membranes. Suitable for oral, vaginal and anal sex AQUAglide is available in 50 and 200 ml tubes, 1 litre bottles or packs containing 50 x 3 ml sachets.

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AQUAglide Anal is a medical-grade lubricant gel, specially designed for anal sex. Its specific water-based formula guarantees long-lasting lubrication and features a particularly pleasant soft and velvety texture. Compatible with condoms as well as sex toys, this lubricant is easily removed with a little water.

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JoyDivision easyANAL is a lubricant specially designed for anal penetration and anal play. Its water-based formula has been specially developed to provide pleasurable penetration and long-lasting lubrication. This undeniable bestseller is suitable for everyone, whether you are a beginner or an experienced anal sex enthusiast. Dermatologically and clinically tested. Sold in an 80 ml tube.

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