Whether it is to facilitate sexual intercourse, to alleviate an intimate problem (vaginal dryness, menopause, etc.), or simply to add a touch of fantasy to your intimate relations, offers you a vast choice of lubricants and intimate gels. Your order will be delivered discreetly, completely anonymously and within 24 hours.

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Durex Play Feel is the best-selling lubricant in the Durex range. This light and gentle water-based lubricant will provide you with pleasurable and even more intense sensations during your shared intimate moments. Durex Play Feel is available in a choice of 50 ml or 100 ml bottles.

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Durex 2in1 Massage + Lubricant - Aloe Vera combines a massage gel and an intimate lubricant in one product. Its water-based formula is enriched with Aloe Vera to care for the skin and make it even softer. Packaged in a compact and practical bottle with a capacity of 200 ml.

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Durex Strawberry lubricant is an intimate lubricant gel with the taste and scent of strawberry! Water-based, light and soft, it will enhance your intimate relations and add a very indulgent touch... Durex Strawberry is available in a 50 ml bottle.

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JoyDivision AQUAglide lubricating gel, made in Germany and repeatedly voted best European lubricant. Water-based formula with an optimal pH for mucous membranes. Suitable for oral, vaginal and anal sex AQUAglide is available in 50 and 200 ml tubes, 1 litre bottles or packs containing 50 x 3 ml sachets.

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JoyDivision easyANAL is a lubricant specially designed for anal penetration and anal play. Its water-based formula has been specially developed to provide pleasurable penetration and long-lasting lubrication. This undeniable bestseller is suitable for everyone, whether you are a beginner or an experienced anal sex enthusiast. Dermatologically and clinically tested. Sold in an 80 ml tube.

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Creamy Cum is a water-based lubricant, which due to its creamy texture and milky colour, perfectly imitates the appearance and colour of semen. It can be used for oral, vaginal and anal sex, to spice up erotic games or to enhance certain sex toys with an ejaculation feature. Cream Cum is available in 70 ml, 150 ml or 250 ml tubes.

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AQUAglide Anal is a medical-grade lubricant gel, specially designed for anal sex. Its specific water-based formula guarantees long-lasting lubrication and features a particularly pleasant soft and velvety texture. Compatible with condoms as well as sex toys, this lubricant is easily removed with a little water.

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Just Glide medical lubricant, specially developed for anal sex. Thicker than a traditional lubricant, this lubricant relaxes the anus and makes everything more comfortable so that you can fully enjoy your lovemaking sessions. Water-based formula with 7 specially selected plants. Compatible with condoms and sex toys. Available in 50 ml and 200 ml tubes and 500 ml pump bottles.

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YESforLOV Allover Massage is a quality product that can be used both as a scented massage gel and as an intimate lubricant. It is therefore ideal for moments of relaxation, erotic massages, foreplay or to increase your pleasure during intimate lovemaking… Packaged in a 100 ml pump bottle.

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Durex Sensilube is a liquid intimate lubricant, specially designed to combat vaginal dryness and restore the vagina's natural moisture. This lubricant offers sensations as close as possible to those produced by the natural secretions of the female body. Packaged in a 40 ml bottle.

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