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Alpx Booster for men (50 capsules)

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Alpx Booster for HIM is a dietary supplement for men that helps to maintain normal testosterone levels in the blood and to boost your sex life. Based on herbs, arginine and zinc, produced in Switzerland and available in packs of 50 capsules.

Durex Intense - Orgasmic stimulation (12/24...

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Pack of Durex Intense condoms (previously called Durex Orgasm Intense), specially developed to enhance female pleasure. This contraceptive has a beaded and ribbed surface. It is also covered with a stimulating gel, combining warmth, coolness and a pleasant tingling sensation. Available in packs of 12 or 24 condoms.

Durex Performa (12 condoms)

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Pack of 12 Durex Performa condoms, the best-selling model in the range. Condom with a slightly anaesthetic gel to delay ejaculation and thus prolong intercourse and pleasure.

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